Arguscan Arrhythmia Analyzer (A3) Centre

The A3 Centre reflects the highest needs to arrhythmia analysis. The A3 center is able to work as a stand alone Holter system, but the main profile is to assist the precise arrhythmia studies. The center can analyze data from different sources. The Center gives possibility for the connection to the unique, internet based ArguScan Arrhythmia Database. Using this way parallel with the normal data recording, the Center gives possibility to arrhythmia studies based on statistical methods. The integrated Cardiometric Module helps to define individual algorithms to characterize the local system for new challenges.

Receiving ECG data's from:

  • 24 hours ECG recorders
  • LinkToA3 software
  • Arguscan Arrhythmia Database

    Connection to the Internet based international ambulatory ECG records ArguScan Arrhythmia Database

  • Archive in Arrhythmia Database
  • Processing of records downloaded from the ArguScan Arrhythmia Database

    24 Hour ECG Analysis Program

  • Highly developed arrhythmia analysis
  • ST segment analysis
  • Heart Rate Variability analysis
  • QT segment analysis
  • Pacemaker analysis
  • Atrial fibrillation analysis

    Shows the results of the individually specialized arrhythmia's of the Cardiometric System

  • Integration of other arrhythmias defined by the Cardiometric System
  • Presentation of functions, tables and trends calculated by Cardiometric System's algorithm

    LinkToA3 universal interface module for different ECG systems

  • The LinkToA3 software creates a standard surface for the A3 system to process data from different sources
  • Through the LinkToA3 software 8, three channel real time ECG sign can be the input of he A3 system