Cardiometric System - CS

The Cardiometric System-CS software module is a new equipment for clinical and experimental arrhythmia's research. Using the Cardiometric System is easy to define new algorithms for the ArguScan Arrhythmia Analyzer (A3), which gives opportunity to join current arrhythmic studies. After the definition of the algorithms the A3 system presents the results of the searching, shows as a new sign on the Holter records. The A3 system enables user to search in the entire international Arguscan Arrhythmia Database, so as to make arrhythmic studies based on statistical methods. The Cardiometric System is a tested, user friendly method to define new algorithms in clinical and experimental research for physicians and scientists without programming knowledge.

Equipment for arrhythmia research

  • Easy-to-program module for A3 system
  • Easy-to-program module for current arrhythmia research

    Individual A3 system

  • Easy to add new arrhythmia types into the A3 system
  • The added arrhythmia's presented by own signs in the Holter record

    Close connection to the ArguScan Arrhythmia Analyzer (A3) system

  • Through the A3 system the whole ArguScan Arrhythmia Database is accessible for the created cardiometric algorithms
  • The A3 system presents the results of the search from the local and central database

    Portable algorithm modules

  • The personalized modules are usable in any other A3 system